What is Wandoos 98? Edit

  • Wandoos 98 is (as the silly name is more or less a reference to) a "crappy" operating system designed by "macaroonsoft" that can be used by the adventurer to gain extra bonuses. At first, it does not seem very useful to the player because of the lack of high magic and energy caps, but as you progress further into the game it becomes very useful.
  • In order to gain access to Wandoos 98, the adventurer must acquire a Wandoos 98 copy from either a random drop from Adventure zones such as The Sky (rare drop), or as a guaranteed reward for defeating the Titans "Gordon Ramsay Bolton" and "Grand Corrupted Tree".
  • Right after Wandoos 98 is unlocked, it will go into installation for 24 hours. After installation, there is an 1 hour startup timer on each rebirth for Wandoos to reach its maximum speed. For the startup(s)/installation, it's necessary to be online, as the timer only runs while the game is running. The speed increase is linear, and ranges from 0-100% speed.
  • Wandoos 98 remains unlocked throughout rebirths, and so will the initial installation (if you haven't completely installed it yet). Rebirth will reset the startup timer.

What does Wandoos really do? Edit

It multiplies your Attack and Defense stats (the "Fight Boss stats") based on your OS level (explained below) and how much energy and magic you have spent on leveling it (formula found in section "Operating systems").

Leveling up the OS Edit

  • Wandoos Levels are broken into four categories, each of which can reach a maximum of level 100 for a total of level 400.
    • Wandoos 98 Levels
    • Money Pit Levels
    • I.T.O.P.O.D. Levels
    • Wandoos XL Levels
  • The OS level multiplies the base speed for both Energy and Magic Dumps, starting at +4% level 1, up to a maximum level of 400, giving +1600% speed.
  • The player may increase the Wandoos 98 and Wandoos XL Levels through the "Inventory" feature menu by CTRL + Clicking "A busted copy of Wandoos 98" and Wandoos XL again, just like installing
    • Can only be done if your "busted copy"'s level is higher than your current OS level.
    • This will downgrade the item by [1 + OS Level], and will not destroy the copy if it still has unused levels left above 0.
    • Max level achievable by consuming copies is 100 and can be reached by consuming a total of 5050 busted copies.
  • The player may increase the Money Pit Levels by getting random Wandoos level drops from the money pit. See the Money Pit page for more information.
  • The player may increase the I.T.O.P.O.D Levels by getting the "Wandoos Lover" Perk. See the Perk Points page for more information.

Using Wandoos Edit

  • Energy and Magic Dump level bonuses are calculated separately before being multiplied together.
  • Energy and Magic Dump levels gained from Wandoos can be lost in 3 different ways.
    1. Rebirthing
    2. Switching between different OSes (Operating Systems; that is 98, MEH and XL)
    3. The Wandoos Troll (in the Troll Challenge). The Big Troll that disables Wandoos will make Wandoos give no bonus until rebirthing.

Operating Systems Edit

There are three different Wandoos Operating Systems (OS).

In normal mode, each OS has 1000 times the Energy / Magic requirement of the previous OS.

In evil mode, each OS has 1 million (1e6) times the Energy / Magic requirement of the previous OS.

Evil Wandoos 98 has 10 billion (1e10) times the Energy / Magic requirement of normal Wandoos 98.

  1. Wandoos 98
    • Drops:
      • Lvl 0 (Rare) in The Sky
      • Lvl 1-4 on Titan Gordon Ramsay
      • Lvl 4-7 on Titan Grand Corrupted Tree
    • Base Energy / Magic requirement for speed-cap of 50 levels per second:
      • Normal: 100 billion (1e11)
      • Evil: 100 sextillion (1e23)
    • Total Stat Bonus Formula:
      • ((1 + EnergyLevel / 100) * (1 + MagicLevel / 25)) ^ 0.8
  2. Wandoos MEH
    • Unlocks:
      • Set Bonus from Jake Set
    • Base Energy / Magic requirement for speed-cap of 50 levels per second:
      • Normal: 100 trillion (1e14)
      • Evil: 100 octillion (1e29)
    • Total Stat Bonus Formula:
      • (1 + (EnergyLevel / 5)) * (1 + (MagicLevel * 2))
  3. Wandoos XL
    • Drops:
      • Lvl 0 (Rare) in The Mega Lands
      • Lvl 1 in The Beardverse
      • Lvl 20 on Titan Walderp
      • Lvl 5 in Badly Drawn World
    • Base Energy / Magic requirement for speed-cap of 50 levels per second:
      • Normal: 100 quadrillion (1e17)
      • Evil: 100 decillion (1e35)
    • Total Stat Bonus Formula:
      • ((1 + (EnergyLevel * 6)) * (1 + (MagicLevel * 40)) ^ 1.05