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Where did he go?
This guy loves to hide.

Walderp's sprite in menus

Walderp hiding

Walderp is the 5th Titan, unlocked by defeating boss 116 (EVIL Badly Drawn Kitty).

Before you are able to take on Walderp's Final Form, you must play his "hide-and-seek" game. He has five forms in total. Kill his first form in his zone, then he will hide in a random screen. You will have 3 minutes to find him as he becomes more visible in the screen he is hiding in, as he starts out nearly invisible each 3 minute cycle. He can even spawn in the Info 'n Stuff menus (but will appear in all tabs of a menu, for example, all if he spawns in Stat Breakdowns, he will show up in Attack/Defense Energy, etc) After 3 minutes he will reset his visibility and change menus. After finding him his 180 minute countdown timer will start again before you can fight his second form. After killing his second form you must repeat this process for his third, fourth, and fifth(final) form. There will be a 180 minute countdown between each kill. (Rebirthing between kills is okay, his initial spawn on your new rebirth will be his lowest un-killed form, or final if all forms were previously killed). After killing Walderp's final form he will begin to drop his items and you also unlock MacGuffin Fragments. You do not need to do the whole process again, after killing his final form all future spawns will also be of his final form and you won't need to search for him again in the menus.


  • WALDERP stats:
    • First Form
      • Power: 500k
      • Toughness: 300k
      • Max HP: 150M
      • HP Regen: 45k
    • Second Form
      • Power: 900k
      • Toughness: 600k
      • Max HP: 300M
      • HP Regen: 90k
    • Third Form
      • Power: 1.5M
      • Toughness: 1M
      • Max HP: 600M
      • HP Regen: 150k
    • Fourth Form
      • Power: 2.2M
      • Toughness: 1.5M
      • Max HP: 800M
      • HP Regen: 230k
    • Fifth(Final) Form
      • Power: 3M
      • Toughness: 2M
      • Max HP: 1B
      • HP Regen: 300k
  • Recommended Stats to Defeat Titan:
    • Manual
      • Power: 4M~6M
      • Toughness: 3M~4M
    • Idle
      • Walderp cannot be killed in idle due to his unique skill
  • Titan Skills:
    • Walderp (Simon) Says
      • Do what he says when he says "Walderp says" or die! Boom!
      • He will always tell you to use a certain attack against him - regular, strong, piercing, or ultimate.
      • If he does not say "Walderp says..." then you must use a different attack than the one he mentions. Not attacking also counts as getting it wrong.
      • This skill is used in a pattern of 5 attacks and then 1 Walderp Says, meaning once every 18 seconds.


Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

The Wanderer RerednaW EhT
PlayerPortrait-Wanderer.png PlayerPortrait-Rerednaw.png
150 - Wanderer's Hat.png151 - Wanderer's Chest.png 152 - Wanderer's Pants.png 153 - Wanderer's Boots.png 154 - Wanderer's Cane.png 159 - The Candy Cane of Destiny.png 158 - stooB s'rerednaW.png 157 - stnaP s'rerednaW.png 156 - tsehC s'rerednaW.png 155 - taH s'rerednaW.png

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