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Shit. I just mentioned him.

UUG, The Unmentionable is the fourth titan, and is unlocked by beating boss 100 (Doctor Wahwee). Upon defeating him, he will drop an UUG's Armpit Hair item, which will unlock the Beards Of Power menu when consumed.


  • Recommended Stats for beating UUG are:
Mode Power Toughness
Manual 375,000~425,000 300,000~350,000
Idle 600,000~650,000? 365,000~425,000
  • Titan Skills:
    • "Invincibility": Becomes invincible after first attack.
      Requires a puzzle to be solved to disable this skill. See Secrets and Spoilers for puzzle solution.
    • "Power Growth": Becomes twice as powerful as last turn, every turn, multiplicatively (2x, 4x, 8x...).
      Requires a puzzle to be solved to make this skill less effective, and eventually disabled. See Secrets and Spoilers for puzzle solution.
    • Power attack (deals 1.5 times damage)


Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

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