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Titans are boss enemies in Adventure Mode that are tougher and have their own adventure zone. Once unlocked, they can be fought any time so long as they are not in cooldown (aka "respawn" time).

Defeating a Titan will grant EXP points and various inventory items such as equipment, accessories, boosts or consumables. After each successful fight, there is a cooldown period of different lengths (with a minimum of 60 minutes) depending on the Titan and No Rebirth Challenges completed. Cooldown periods may be shortened by 15 minutes per completed No Rebirth Challenge. (Note that Normal NRCs only apply to every Titan starting at #3, and Evil NRCs apply to every Titan starting at #7)

Being defeated by a Titan will send you to the initial Safe Zone: Awakening Site, and you will not lose anything nor reset the cooldown.

Titans are unlocked by defeating a specific Boss in the "Boss Fight" menu:

# Titan Name Unlock Boss Fight # Base Cooldown (In H:MM:SS) Base Rewards
1 Gordon Ramsay Bolton 58 1:00:00 35 XP, 10 AP
2 Grand Corrupted Tree 66 1:00:00 60 XP, 15 AP
3 Jake from Accounting 82 2:00:00 200 XP, 50 AP
4 UUG, The Unmentionable 100 2:00:00 300 XP, 60 AP
5 Walderp 116 3:00:00 500 XP, 70 AP
6 The Beast 132 3:30:00 750 XP, 25% PP
7 Greasy Nerd 125 (Evil) 4:30:00 1100 XP, 25% PP
8 The Godmother 166 (Evil) 5:00:00 1500 XP, 30% PP
9 The Exile 190 (Evil) 5:30:00 2500 XP, 40% PP
10 IT HUNGERS 175 (Sadistic) 6:30:00 4000 XP, 50% PP
11 Rock Lobster 224 (Sadistic) 7:00:00 6000 XP, 70% PP
12 AMALGAMATE 248 (Sadistic) 7:13:20 8000 XP, 100% PP
14 THE TRAITOR 300 (Sadistic)
Auto-kill setting.png

Once you have the minimum required strength to auto-kill them, you can turn on "Automatically Kill Titans" in the settings. This will enable to automatically fight them while online and offline as soon as the cooldown period is over, and hence maximize the EXP gain. See titans's individual page or adventure zones for minimum required strength to auto-kill. All titans grow in strength by 1% per attack, which can make them much harder to defeat with the bare minimum power/toughness compared to even slightly higher stats.