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The Godmother is the 8th Titan, unlocked by defeating Boss 166 in Evil difficulty and completing an unlock quest.


The main mechanic of the fight is a quick series of deadly explosions, similar to the Rapid mechanic but dealing far more damage. The Idle damage required to take her out before her first set of explosions is unachievable without already Autokilling, so idling her is not an option in most circumstances.

If your Block Damage Reduction level from advanced training is high enough (>99%) and you use Block at the explosion warning (you have about a second), you can mitigate almost all of the damage from the explosions. With 99.9% reduction, the explosions barely even tickle. Block will be off cooldown again before the next set of explosions even if you get hit by Knee Cap (see below).

Recommended Stats to defeat Titan:

Mode Power Toughness
Easy 1.70 Qi (1.70E+18) 700.00 Qa (7.00E+17)
Normal 39.00 Qi (3.90E+19) 15.00 Qi (1.50E+19)
Hard 660.00 Qi (6.60E+20) 350.00 Qi (3.50E+20)
Brutal 15.00 Sx (1.50E+22) 6.40 Sx (6.40E+21)

Titan skills:

  • Explosions - (starting on the 3rd attack, then every 9 attacks afterwards) Shows a warning, then rapidly attacks 4 times for 25x damage each
  • Knee cap - (starting on the 8th attack, then every 9 attacks afterwards) Slows move cooldown timers to 1/3 of normal.[1] The debuff lasts for 2 of her attacks.


Only cube root of loot chance bonus applies. For following items your base chance is . Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

  1. BUG: Does not slow Idle Attack
  2. No Rebirth Challenge reward bonus level does not apply
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