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The not-forbidden-but-you-really-ought-not-associate-with One

The Exile is the 9th Titan, unlocked by defeating boss 190 in evil mode and following Secrets and Spoilers: The Exile.


Recommended stats to defeat titan:

Mode Power Toughness
Easy Manual 23.00 Sx (2.30E+22) 12.00 Sx (1.20E+22)
Idle 60.00 Sx (6.00E+22) 30.00 Sx (3.00E+22)
Normal Manual 372.00 Sx (3.72E+23) 156.00 Sx (1.56E+23)
Idle 1.50 Sp (1.50E+24) 700.00 Sx (7.00E+23)
Hard Manual 7.45 Sp (7.45E+24) 3.55 Sp (3.55E+24)
Idle 40.00 Sp (4.00E+25) 20.00 Sp (2.00E+25)
Brutal Manual 220.00 Sp (2.20E+26) 100.00 Sp (1.00E+26)
Idle 700.00 Sp (7.00E+26) 350.00 Sp (3.50E+26)

Titan skills: The Exile uses skills with increased frequency at higher versions. V1 will use one every 10th attack, V2 every 9th, V3 every 8th, and V4 every 7th. All versions begin on the 3rd attack, and the skill selection is random.

  • Buster Arm blast - Charges for 1 attack, with the next attack doing 6x damage.
  • Gores with antlers (V2+) - Reverses your health regen, so you take damage over time instead of healing. Bonus regen from Hyper Regen and Idle Attack are canceled out.
  • Mind control (V3+) - A 2 second paralyze. If Block is active when the paralyze starts, the block timer will be extended by the full paralyze duration.
  • Life drain (V4) - attacks for 2x damage and heals itself 10%


Strategy for the Exile is pretty much the same as other Titans. Just be aware that his 3rd attack will be a strong one.

Pre-cast Charge and Parry and be in Beast mode. Change zones to the Exile and immediately cast Mega Buff, then Ultimate Attack, then Charge, then Piercing attack. Next, exit Beast Mode, Parry and Block. If you are a bit slower, do Beast mode last. At this point the Exile should be down below ~25% health if you have the above stats and you can just cycle through your other moves as usual.


Only cube root of loot chance bonus applies. For following items your base chance is . Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.


The Exile is a parody of Exodia from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise. In the Yu-Gi-Oh game, having Exodia's head and four limbs in one hand allows a player to win a duel. Most, though not all Exile-related items parody Yu-Gi-Oh cards or cards in general:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh specific
    • Hat of Greed -> Pot of Greed
    • Trap Pants -> Trap cards
    • Blue Eyes White Chestplate -> Blue Eyes White Dragon
    • The Disk of Dueling -> Duel Disk
    • Blue Eyes Ultimate Chestplate -> Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
  • Other
    • The Skip Card -> Skip card from UNO
    • The Black Lotus -> Black Lotus from Magic: The Gathering
    • Buster of the Exile -> Mega Buster from Mega Man


  1. Only drops if the Face of the Exile is not already in the player's inventory.
  2. No Rebirth Challenge reward bonus level does not apply
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