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This thing is really, REALLY hungry.

The Beast is the 6th Titan, unlocked by defeating boss 132 (Chocolate Salty Balls). Before you are able to fight him, he must be first awakened. Details included in Awakening The Beast (WARNING: SPOILERS)


  • Recommended Stats to Defeat Titan:
Mode Power Toughness
Easy Manual 800.00 M (8.00E+08) 500.00 M (5.00E+08)
Idle 1.20 B (1.20E+09) 900.00 M (9.00E+08)
Normal Manual 7.50 B (7.50E+09) 5.50 B (5.50E+09)
Idle 12.00 B (1.20E+10) 9.00 B (9.00E+09)
Hard Manual 80.00 B (8.00E+10) 60.00 B (6.00E+10)
Idle 120.00 B (1.20E+11) 100.00 B (1.00E+11)
Brutal Manual 850.00 B (8.50E+11) 650.00 B (6.50E+11)
Idle 1.20 T (1.20E+12) 1.10 T (1.10E+12)
  • Titan Skills:
    Every 10th attack, beginning with the 3rd, The Beast will activate a special skill from the following list. Only one skill may be active at a time, but it will remain active until another is picked.
    • All Beasts
      • HYPER RED ANIME AURA - Increases beast's HP Regen to 5 times normal.
        • THE BEAST casts HYPER RED ANIME AURA! They start healing super fast!
      • POWER SMASH badge - The Beast's attacks are all for double base damage.
        • THE BEAST equips the POWER SMASH badge, oh crap! This is gonna hurt!
      • "Layer of Metal Armor" - The Beast takes 1/3 damage.[1]
        • THE BEAST start vomiting grey goop all over, and begins rolling around in it! Oh snap - it's grown a layer of metal armor!
    • Beast V2+
      • "Time Dilation" - Temporarily makes all your skills take twice as long to cooldown (time passes slower)
        • THE BEAST pulls out an alarm clock from one of its slimy folds and eats it! WTF? You feel like everything has sped up around you! Or are you slower?
    • Beast V3+
      • "Rubbery Slime" - Reflects 2% of the damage you deal. This damage will activate Parry and be reduced by Block.
        • THE BEAST projectile vomits a lump of rubbery slime and slathers it all over its sluggish body! Be careful how you attack it
    • Beast V4:
      • "Rancid Smelling Fart" - Reverses your health regen, so you take damage over time instead of healing. Bonus regen from Hyper Regen and Idle Attack are canceled out.
        • THE BEAST rips a rancid smelling fart! You double over, gagging on the smell! You feel this putrid cloud sapping away your health!


189 - A Bald Egg.png 184 - Slimy Helmet.png
190 - A Shrunken Voodoo Doll.png 191 - Mysterious Purple Liquid.png 185 - Slimy Chest.png 188 - The Fists of Flubber.png
192 - A Priceless Van-Gogh Painting.png 193 - A Giant Apple.png 186 - Slimy Pants.png
194 - A Power Pill.png 195 - A Small Gerbil.png 187 - Slimy Boots.png

Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.


  1. BUG: This move also slows down your idle attack. That should happen with the next move.
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