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All is lost... or is it?

The Aethereal Sea is the 45th location in Adventure Mode. It is unlocked by beating boss #269 on SADISTIC difficulty.

It was formerly named The Aethereal Sea Part 1 but apparently an intended Part 2 got cancelled with the "Story's End" release (Build 1.260).


Recommended stats:

Mode Power Toughness
Manual 17.2 Dc (1.7E+34) 6.1 Dc (6.1E+33)
Idle Beast Mode OFF 33.6 Dc (3.3E+34) 23.6 Dc (2.3E+34)
Beast Mode ON ? ?
One Hit 575 Dc (5.75E+35) ?


Only cube root of loot chance bonus applies. For following items your base chance is . Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

Normal enemy:



Boss chance 4/21

  • A Seagull
  • Cosmic Jellyfish
  • Aether Eel
  • You.
  • A Pi-rat
  • A Bunch of Old Newspapers
  • Another You.
  • A Paddlefish
  • An Anglerfish
  • A Bunch of Cannons
  • A Pile of Ropes
  • Ladders!
  • And Snakes!!!
  • The First Pirate
  • The Second Pirate
  • The Third Pirate
  • The Fourth Pirate
  • THE BUCKET BossIcon.png
  • A TAR BLOB MONSTER BossIcon.png
  • THE CAPTAIN BossIcon.png
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