NGU Idle Wiki

In adventure mode we can choose skills to fight monsters/Boss & Titans. Look below for list of skills.

Name Cooldown Damage multiplier Affected by Buffs Affected by Charge Description
Idle Mode - 1.2 (1.5 if Spoopy Set completed; 1.8 if all Sadistic no equipment challenges also completed.) - - Automatically attack every 1s (0.8s if Red Liquid Set completed)

While on, HP regen +20%
While on, cannot use any moves

Regular Attack 1s 1.5 yes yes -
Strong Attack 4s 2 yes yes -
Parry 15s 1.0

(3.0 if Slimy Set completed)

yes & stackable yes Blocks 50% of incoming damage and automatically attacks
Piercing Attack 8s 2[1] yes yes Pierce through 33% of enemy's def
Ultimate Attack 15s 2.0 (4.0 if JRPG Set completed)
(# of Highest Boss Defeated * 0.01)
(7.01 total)
yes yes Damage multiplier increases with highest Boss defeated
Name Cooldown Affected by Buffs Affected by Charge Description
Block 10s yes & stackable yes Blocks 50% of incoming damage for the next 3s. Block % can be upgraded in Adv. Training.
Defensive Buff 45s yes & stackable no Increases Toughness by 20% for the next 15s
Heal 15s - no Heals 15% of your max HP
Offensive Buff 45s yes & stackable no Increases Power by 20% for the next 15s
Charge 30s - no Increases the effect of the next move by a factor of 2 (2.2 if Mega Set completed)
Ultimate Buff 45s yes & stackable no Increases Power & Toughness by 30% for the next 15s
Name Cooldown Affected by Buffs Affected by Charge Description


15s - no Paralyzes the enemy so they can't attack or use skills for 3s
Hyper Regen


35s - no Multiplies your HP regen by 500%, for 5s
Beast Mode


15s Stacks with other buffs no Activates/ Deactivates Beast Mode, which increases power stat by 40% (50% if Purple Liquid Set completed) but increases damage taken from all sources by 200%.
Mega Buff


50s - - All other buffs must be off cooldown. Performs Offensive Buff, Defensive Buff, and Ultimate Buff simultaneously, plus 20% extra buffage for 15s!
Oh Shit


35s - no Performs Heal, Paralyze, and Hyper Regen simultaneously. Those moves must be off cooldown.
Move 69


3600s[7] - - When clicked, outputs the text, "A million realities collide in your mind, echoing a unified message: ONE". The number increases until 69 is reached, which unlocks one of THE END pieces.

When to use Beast Mode[]

  1. ITOPOD farming - Since most of your time in ITOPOD is spent at your optimal (one-hit-per-kill) floor, turning on Beast Mode raises that floor (by about 8 floors) so you get a little extra PP and possibly XP if you're near a new ITOPOD tier.
  2. Zone farming - If you're strong enough to handle a zone with Beast Mode active, the increased power will give you faster kills so you'll farm up your gear quicker. If you're not strong enough, you can always turn it off.
  3. Titan fighting - Titan fights nearly always open with you unloading a ridiculous amount of damage in your first few moves, and often taking little to no damage in return (two parries, block, paralyze, and another block). You can get the bonus damage from Beast Mode on that opening salvo, and then turn it off before the titan really starts hitting you back.
  4. Manual zone fighting - this is pretty much like titan fighting when you're trying to snipe a few items from a zone you can't yet farm on autokill.
  5. Titan autokills - Higher power means it's easier to reach the autokill triggers.

When not to use Beast Mode[]

  1. Early zone idle farming - If it takes you ten or more attacks to kill in idle mode with Beast Mode off, you probably won't be able to survive for more than a few minutes with Beast Mode on.
  2. Manual farming - Somewhere between being able to safely idle and having to alternate sniping and Safe Zone, you can manually farm a zone continuously with Beast Mode off.
  3. Increasing ITOPOD max floor - You can reach a deeper floor with Beast Mode off.


  1. BUG: The tooltip says 0.8 with piercing, but in reality it is another strong attack, with 2x multiplier, no piercing and a longer cooldown.
  2. Skill unlock with 5th Basic Challenge Completion
  3. Skill unlock from Mysterious Red Liquid dropped from Grand Corrupted Tree
  4. Skill unlock from Mysterious Purple Liquid dropped from The Beast
  5. 5.0 5.1 Skill unlock from Wishes
  6. Unlocked in Sadistic Difficulty by consuming Mysterious Grey Liquid which can be obtained by transforming Level 100 A Small Gerbil.
  7. Not affected by move cooldowns; cools down even when in idle mode.