Tips For New Players

  1. Join the discord (
  2. This guide is outdated in some ways. Better advice is available in the discord.
  3. This guide is written by Mr. Truth. Possibly heavily edited by some trolls too (pay more attention while reading).
  4. Your game isn't running while on a background tab (if playing in browser). Put it in its own window, and don't minimize it.
  5. Remember to make Manual Saves. Steam and Kong have cloud saves, Kartridge has local backups. Make good use of them.
  6. For early game, do 30 minute runs. A decent ratio for energy early on is 1:20k:1.
  7. NUMBER isn't important in the beginning. Worry more about lowering your Basic Training Caps. Adventure Stats is the key in this game.
  8. In "Basic Training". If you read the tool tip says "On Rebirth, your new cap will be ###" with a green number, that means you're good with that skill. You could allocate all your energy into next skills (or rebirth if it takes too long for the next one to level up) (Eventually, each skill requires only ONE energy)
  9. Max every adventure set to level 100 and get the Set Bonus (Inventory > Item List to see the set bonus). Set bonuses are permanent, even when you no longer have the set.
  10. You don't have to farm the Forest to raise the Forest Pendant to level 100. It drops in the Forest, as well as the following 3 zones, so as long as you level the other Forest set pieces to 100, you can continue to the next zone.
  11. The First Titan is GRB, unlocked from Boss 58 can be AutoKilled once you have 3K power and 2.5K toughness and the Setting is on. Works offline, but you lose item drops.
  12. In ITOPOD perks, go for newbie perks > first row(except rich perks, cap > power) > Faster NGU energy
  13. In NGU, focus on GOLD & adventure stats, and softcap others
  14. Make sure to hit da goblin (Boss #9) in his NUTZ!
  15. Keep Playing the Game.
  16. Play even more.
  17. Keep playing.
  18. Just play.
  19. Play.

Saving Game Progress

Your progress is automatically saved every 30 seconds in your browser cache. To be on the safe side, you can also make manual backups:

  • The "Save" button will create a text file on your PC.
  • [Kongregate] The "Save Online" button will use your Kong ID and save on Kong's Cloud.
  • [Kartridge] The game will make a local backup every 30 minutes.
  • [Steam] The game will make a cloud save every 30 seconds automatically.

For Players Who Uses Multiple Computers:

  • The game will always load your browser's last cache memory on your current PC hence losing progress when switching PC's. Therefore it is recommended to use the "Save Online" function. Use it before changing PC and use the "Load Online" function when starting your new session.
  • Be sure to get the "Game successfully saves online!" tool tip when using "Save Online". Closing your browser before that might not save your game. Hats off to room 8 troll.
  • Be wary of the time difference between PC. Might cause unwanted stress!
  • The troll recommends using "Save Online" function at all times.

Starting Out


Go to settings (the little cog wheel in the bottom left corner), page 1. Under "More Settings", turn on Sync Training. This will synchronize your progress between Attack Skills and Defense skills. Not only will this make your gain even, it will also save you from having to click multiple times.

Useful tip: Note that the game does not run (or at least does not run as fast), when the game is on a background tab. However, if the game is in another window and isn't minimized, it will run at full speed. Changing tabs most likely PAUSE the game.

Go to Basic Training, click Cap on Idle Attack. You want to have the same amount of energy on both Attack skills and defense skills. This will happen automatically if you turned on the Sync Training function. Early on, after the next skill is unlocked, you want to remove energy from earlier skills and place them on the later skills. Once you have enough energy, you want to have energy on all your skills. Gaining skills both increase your attack and defense, as well as decreasing the amount of energy needed to train skills. The maximum reduction for each training cap is 10% of the current cap, rounded up, per rebirth. Once you have achieved the maximum reduction, the hover text ("On rebirth, your new cap will be ...") will turn green.

Go to the fight boss section, and fight bosses. As you gain more attack and defense, you'll be able to kill more bosses.

Experience and Rebirths

You gain experience by killing bosses. Experience and experience upgrades are permanent. Your first experience should be spent on energy speed, to get it to at least 4. You want to keep a ratio of roughly 4 energy speed to 1 energy bar until energy speed is maxed out at 50.

Your early rebirths should be either roughly 30 minutes or 1 hour each. This will allow you to kill bosses repeatedly to gain more experience. It should be noted that the first few bosses will only give out experience the first time they are killed. Each rebirth will also allow you to reduce the energy needed to train skills by at most 10%. Early on, you want to try to minimize the energy needed to completely cap skills. A skill is capped once you can fill the bar in 1 frame (1/50th of a second). Once something is capped, it can no longer go faster.

Rebirthing early on will also increase your energy cap, depending on how much energy was produced the current run. This energy cap is soft-capped at 100k. After your energy cap has reached 100k, producing energy will no longer increase your energy cap. The player would need to buy energy cap from the Experience shop to further increase energy.

How to Spend EXP Early

As noted, you want to spend your first EXP on energy speed. You want 1 energy bar per 4 speed. Or the biggest number you would get from SPEED X BAR.

After you've soft-capped your energy, you'd want to spend experience on energy power and energy cap as well. In general, you want to maintain a constant ratio between energy power, energy cap, and energy bar. For now, a ratio of 1:25k:0.6 will work adequately. This means for every energy power you buy, you should buy 25k energy cap, and 0.6 energy bar. If it takes too long to reach your energy cap, a ratio of 1:20k:1 might work better, and it is easier to use as well.

- But really, play however you see fit. Don't let others ruin your NGU experience. Even if its 4G!

Adventure and Inventory

Once the player kills Boss 4, the player unlocks adventure and the inventory, which are some of the most important parts of the game.

The player starts in the "Safe Zone: Awakening". The player can move to the Tutorial Zone. More Zones will be unlocked upon killing more bosses (in the Fight Boss section of the game). To start fighting, the player should click the top left "Idle Mode" button until it is highlighted.

It should be noted that the word boss will be used for both the boss in the "Fight Boss" part of the game and also the bosses in the "Adventure" part. Which one it refers to depends on the context.

Killing monsters in adventure gives drops in the inventory. In general, killing adventure bosses drops gear, while killing non-bosses drops boosts. This changes as you advance in zones, but is the rule for the first half dozen zones or so.

Using the Inventory

You can drag gear into your equipment slots. The cube you receive as a gift goes into the accessory slot. Before equipping a piece of gear, consider protecting it by shift-clicking it. This will prevent it from being thrown away (trashed) or merged.

You can level up gear by merging it with the same equipment. After you get another piece of the same equipment, place your mouse over the gear, and press D for it to merge with all of the same items. You can also use the same, but pressing the A key (while hovering your mouse on a piece of equipment) to use all possible boosts you have in your inventory to improve the stats of that specific item. In order to use A and D without clicking, you have to go to page 2 of the settings and turn on simple inventory shortcuts. The default setting is to have to click as well as use A or D.

Stay in the Tutorial zone until you got all the equipment to level 100.

When you beat Boss 17 (in Fight Boss), you will want to move to the Sewer Zone, if possible. There is better gear there. You can throw away your Tutorial Zone equipment if they have reached level 100. Getting items to level 100 is required to complete an item. You have to level up all the items in a set to complete the set. Completing sets will give you bonuses.

When you get the tutorial cube to level 100, you receive a new slot, and in it, you have the infinity cube. This item can be boosted infinitely, but boosts are only 1% efficient for it (more with perks from the ITOPOD). Furthermore, special boosts will give 0.5% of their value in both power and toughness.

Adventure Stats

There are 3 types of boosts. Power boosts increase power and max health. Toughness boosts increase toughness and health regeneration. Finally, Special boosts increase special bonuses to a piece of equipment.

Each piece of equipment will give you boosts for the main game. The special boosts differ for each piece of equipment. However, every point of power will give 1% to the main game's Attack, and the same for toughness and Defense.

Manual Fighting and Boss Sniping

You can manually fight by turning off idle mode. Click the top left "Idle Mode" Button, and you have access to manually controlling your adventure character.

In general, you want to fight bosses for new gear. Switch back and forth between zones until you get a boss, then fight it. Switching zones rapidly for this purpose is best done with left/right arrow keys on the keyboard.

The first row is your attack skills. The second row is your aura skills. Good juggling of Aura skills is important for easy sniping. When you click on an aura skill, you'll know that it is active if there is a yellow border around the skill. When the skill border turns off, you'll know that the skill is no longer active.

The most important thing is to alternate two sets of buffs. The first set is ultimate buff and attack buff. The second set is simply the defensive buff. Both the ultimate buff and defensive buff reduces your damage taken, and alternating these two will mean you'll have damage reduction up most of the fight. If needed, you can also interweave block in, when both of these buffs are on cooldown and inactive.

The heal skill should be used as often as possible when you are damaged. The Charge skill should be used with one of the better attacks. In general, for attacks, you want to use whatever attack is on cooldown, from the right first.

For certain enemies, the correct use of block may be vital. These enemies are of the type "charge" and "rapid". The player will have to pay attention to the log to see when the enemies begin to charge up. After they start to charge up, a block should be used 2–3 seconds afterward.

Maxing Your Items (In Depth)

In every adventure zone, or from Titans and the ITOPOD, you get items or boosts. Whenever you get these items you need to merge the items until they are level 100 for a bonus. Not all items have a bonus for merging to 100 (except the sweet victory of completion). You can view the set by going into the Inventory --> Item List and hovering the mouse over the item in the Item List. It will have the bonus and the other item numbers in the list. Boost bonuses are individual (power boost 1, toughness boost 1, power boost 2, special boost 100, etc). The goal is to max every item in a set to get the bonus for the set. A lot of people max a zone set before moving to the next zone. This does not mean you need to max the specials for the equipment, just getting the red border in the Item List is considered "completing" the item.


After Boss 17, the player gets access to augmentations. In the beginning, just buy the best augmentation you can afford.

After Boss 37, the player can upgrade their augmentations. These upgrades are expensive, and the player probably won't be able to afford very many of them. As such, the player should continue to buy the best augmentation he can afford.

Augmentations and upgrades always go in pairs (Safety Scissors - Danger Scissors, Milk Infusion - Drinking the Milk Too). Augmentations are the first one of the pair, those ones that take more time to complete but are cheaper. Upgrades are the second one of the pair (less time to complete, more expensive).

Later, once the player has upgraded their time machine enough, the player should work on the first augmentation and its upgrade (Safety Scissors + Danger Scissors), as it is the most efficient. The player should only move on to the next ones when the first one is speed capped (full bar, meaning you get 50 levels per second) for a long period of time.

Money Pit

Early on, you'll be able to get some good one-time rewards. These rewards come with the cost of all of your current gold (you are not able to pick a certain amount), so be careful when you make your wish. The minimum gold to receive a reward is 100,000. If you rebirth often, the money pit will be active once every hour, otherwise the timer will go up by one hour each throw in that specific run. To know better how this feature works, visit its own page.

Advanced Training

The player probably won't be using advanced training for a while. Advanced training is only unlocked once you have unlocked both last Basic Training (Ultimate Attack and Ultimate Defense).

The two Advanced Training that is useful early on are: Adventure Power + and Adventure Toughness +. Getting a few levels in those can help the player snipe bosses of new zones. Eventually, the player will need them at a high level for boss sniping and other adventuring purposes.

Block Damage reduction is useless at the beginning.

Both Wandoos training are useless until you actually unlock Wandoos 98 and you get enough energy/magic to make it worthwhile, which will happen quite a bit later.

Time Machine

Time machine gives you gold automatically. It gives a lot more than what monsters drop. The gold rate is based on the highest boss you've killed, and the highest drop of gold you got from adventures.

No need to upgrade Time Machine until much later.

Blood Magic

Blood magic will be the last unlock for a while. Put all your magic into the first ritual.

The only 2 magic you'll need to worry about early on is Blood NUMBER boost, and iron pills. Use the latter to gain a few stats every 12 hours (even if at the beginning you might think it's useless and you don't need it, later on, you will be thankful). Use the former to build up your number. You can turn on auto spell for the former to automatically spend all your blood there.

Each subsequent blood ritual is significantly more time-efficient, but significantly less gold efficient. Move on to the next ritual when you have enough gold to spare. Note that you can check the gold spending per second by mousing over the ritual after you've put blood in it. You can compare this number with your gold earning in the time machine.

A 200 Exp Secret

At some point, you should do 3 sequential rebirths, each of less than 30 mins, and each beating at least boss 37. This will give you 200 exp, amongst other things. You will be given this exp after beating boss 37 during the third rebirth, and then rebirthing.

Obviously, the player must be willing to sink 90 minutes into this. If you are doing rebirths of a bit more than 30 minutes long, you should try this when you have reached boss 45 roughly.

Recommend to do this during a challenge.

Boss 58 To The First Titan

Reaching Boss 58 for the first time can be considered completing the tutorial of the game. NUMBER was never very important, but now, the player will learn how transient and disposable it is. The player has now unlocked challenges, which will reset NUMBER back to 1. However, it may not yet be time to do them.

For now, the player's goal is to complete a single basic, and a single 24 hour challenge. This will require defeating boss 58, after resetting NUMBER to 1, all within 24 hours (for 2 times, as doing a Basic Challenge under 24h will unlock the 24h challenge). This will increase the exp drop of every boss after boss 24 by 1. If the player feels that this task is quite easy, the player should go for it. However, there is at least one thing that will make this task significantly faster and easier.

In general, the player's strategy stays the same. The player should continue his 15-30 minute rebirths. His aim in the adventure is to unlock the ITOPOD.

ITOPOD, and the Newbie Perks

Once the player has a respectable set of equipment from the Cave of Many Things, he should work on his advanced training until he can fight bosses in The Sky. The first boss defeated in The Sky is guaranteed to drop the Pissed Off Key, which, when used, gives access to the ITOPOD (Infinite Tower of Pissed Off Dudes). The player should consider simply getting enough advanced training to idle the zone (note that having the Cave gear at level 100 might be enough without advanced training, especially if you have been using Iron Pill).

The ITOPOD is accessed through the adventure menu. Set the End Floor to 1000 and enter the ITOPOD. The player will now fight to the highest possible floor. This will take a while and should be done in one go, and thus the player might want to rebirth beforehand if he is aiming for 30 min rebirths.

The player will gain Perk Point bonuses the first time he reaches levels of multiples of 10. For the first 100 levels, he will gain 1 perk point each time. For the next 100 levels, he will gain 2 perk points, and so on. Level 100, 200, etc., will give 10 times the expected perk points.

For now, the player just wants to unlock as many perk points as possible, to unlock the Newbie perks. The Newbie perks are the first 5 perks in the perks menu, which you can access from the adventure screen. The player should certainly get to at least floor 50 in ITOPOD, and thus be able to unlock all 5. Getting the Newbie Adventure Perk should help with this if the player has trouble reaching floor 50. If absolutely necessary, the Newbie drop chance perk can be temporarily skipped.

After the Newbie perks, 1 or 2 points can be put into Stat Boosts for Rich Jerks, but in general, the points should be put into Generic Energy Perks in roughly equal proportions. The Generic Magic Perks are also worthwhile, once the player begins to significantly invest into magic.

Note: if you have the Lazy ITOPOD Shifter it will automatically change your floor based on your Optimal Floor level. If you have not raised your Max Floor level beyond 0, your "Optimal Floor" will remain at 0.


The Basic Challenge will reset your number, and require you to beat boss 58. Rebirths are allowed, and nothing else is restricted.

Once the player feels like they can complete a Basic Challenge under 24 hours easily, the player should begin. The player should certainly feel ready after getting the ITOPOD perks.

The player must first do a basic challenge under 24 hours. If the player is often away, and feel like he cannot play enough, the player can put the game on another tab, or put the computer to sleep with the game on. Unfortunately, you cannot close the tab as offline progress will make the timer increase.

Once the player has done a basic challenge under 24 hours, he will unlock the 24 hour challenge. The first 24-hour challenge is exactly the same as a basic challenge under 24 hours, except the game will no longer run offline.

Once the player has completed this challenge once, the player is done with challenges until much later (post The Unmentionable).

Spending Arbitrary Points (AP)

Your first purchase should be the Yellow Heart, which should go into daycare.

Your second purchase should be Advanced Loot Filter. In some cases, you might want to purchase this before the Yellow Heart.

Your third purchase can be Filter Boosts into Infinity Cube, as it is cheap (even though, from now on it really depends on your own preferences. Only the two first purchases are a MUST-HAVE).

Afterward, you might want an extra beard slot (only if you have unlocked them), or continue with the other hearts.

After this, a second beard slot could be considered. A digger slot or 2 is also good.

When possible, buy a red heart and a blue heart as well, and put them into daycare. Blue heart is really good as it affects poop and potions, which you'll be using later.

When you get to the point where boosting gear takes a long time, 1/2 autoboost is a good purchase.

But alas, it doesn't matter much which to buy if you are splurging using your credit card like some norwegian.

Pushing to the First Titan

After getting the newbie perks, the player's adventure power should have increased tremendously. With a maxed set from Caves of Many Things, the player should make preparation to farm the High Security Base.

The player might need substantial Advanced Training to farm the High Security Base, and he may want to manually kill bosses to get the first loots.

The High Security Base set does not have to be maxed at this moment. It can mostly be skipped. The player should get a few levels of each gear, do a long run to get a lot of advanced training and fight the first titan.

To get enough boosts for his gear, the player can consider farming The Sky.

Gordon Ramsay or Ramsay Bolton

The player can fight the first titan manually with around 1300/1300 stats. There isn't anything special to fighting Gordon Ramsay Bolton (GRB). The player simply needs to loop his aura as described above.

Killing GRB will drop the GRB set, which is a great improvement over the previous sets. Not only does it have significantly improved power and toughness, but it also is focused around energy, which is extremely good. In fact, it is one of the most efficient set for a while, as it is the last set where 1 special boost will provide a 1% bonus for energy. After that, you will need 10 specials to get a % (Example: if GRB set has 50 energy power special stats, then when fully boosted you will get 50% energy power. In next zones, you will need 500 special stats to get the same 50%).

The GRB set has the cooking special stats, which does really cook you up. It's there to cook your boosts (as special bonuses from the gear are already very good, as described above). Therefore, you will have to max Cooking before getting the energy stats.

Do not be afraid of the Sausage Necklace. It's Theon Greyjoy's sausage, IF you get that reference. Some Game of Thrones shit right here.

Killing GRB unlocks NGU and Wandoos 98. Neither of them is useful if you don't have the sufficient EM (Energy/Magic) for it.

*Very Pro Note*: It is best to rush/snipe ASAP to Megalands rather than staying in an area to max farm your gears. While it is also good to max your gear, it is recommended to trash them even if their level is <50. Its much better to farm them when you have better drop rates (from diggers) later on, than wasting time farming newb gears with that pathetic drop rate of yours. You will have plenty (plenty is an understatement) of farm time during/after Mega DAMN Wall. Hats off to room 8 troll.

Middle-Earth aka 2 Weeks Into The Game


You'll get a giant seed from Grand Corrupted Tree. Control-click it to get 1 seed. You can use the seed in the Yggdrasil menu.

For Yggdrasil, you should first max out Fruit of Gold at level 10. Afterwards, get fruit of Power Alpha and Pomegranate to level 10 at roughly the same time. When you get poop, you should definitely use it on Pomegranate as soon as it is at a fairly high level (6+).

After all these are level 10, you should get fruit of adventure and fruit of luck to level 10. Afterwards, you can consider Fruit of Power Beta (mainly for No rebirth challenges). At this point, you should be using Poop on Pomegranate, Fruit of Luck, and Fruit of Adventure (assuming they are level 10). You can consider Fruit of Power Beta if you have enough Poop.

Eventually (preferably after Waldroop), you'd want to complete Troll challenge 3 to get max level to 24.

When you get max level 24, go for Fruit of Gold first, then for Pomegranate. You can ignore fruit of power Alpha, as you'll want to use poop for Pomegranate.

Fruit of Knowledge isn't really very useful until you get both perks in the perk tree (Works not bad with the first perk too). It becomes really useful after you get to near level 24. Fruit of Arbitrariness also becomes a lot more useful near level 24.

At this point, you'd want to use Poop on Pomegranate, Fruit of Adventure, Fruit of Luck, Fruit of Knowledge, and Fruit of Arbitrariness. It should be noted that a Poop only cost 3000 (2250 if you buy in bulk). So as long as Fruit of Arbitrariness gives more than 6000 (4500 if you buy in bulk) AP at base, using poop on it is a good idea.

The Mega Damn Wall

After beating boss 100 and maxing and greening the set from A Very Strange Place, the player will most likely find themselves in a situation where they don't have enough Power and Toughness to idle the Mega Lands zone. Even manually sniping a few levels of the Mega Lands set usually isn't enough, especially if the attempts are within duration of a short rebirth with few levels in Adv. Training.

This situation is completely normal in a regular progression and is commonly referred to as "the Mega Lands wall" or just "the mega wall". It usually takes players a few days to get through.

One possible strategy for dealing with this barrier is to make a one very long rebirth (3+ days) when spending all the experience on energy power and cap (ignoring bars) and focusing energy on NGU and Adv. Training exclusively. The incentive for re-birthing often at this point is quite weak, since the experience from re-birthing and pushing bosses is not very much in comparison to experience from farming the 3 already unlocked titans. If the player owns the beta potions consumables from the sellout shop, this long rebirth is a perfect time to use them.

After The Unmentionable is beaten for the first time and beards are unlocked, the player again has a good incentive to rebirth to progress further. The long rebirth should be ended then, possibly after first looting a few rings from The Unmentionable and getting some levels into BEARd.

The Unmentionable (Never Mention IT)

The Unmentionable is the first titan that requires you to complete a quest before killing him and also never mention him/her/it. This quest should be started when you first beat boss 100.

Go to the forest, look for Droop, and beat the crap out of him for Ring of Apathy. If he doesn't drop it, beat him again. Put it in your daycare while you start farming your stats. This way, when you are ready to fight The Unmentionable, you won't have to farm as much to get a level 100 Ring of Apathy. (maybe just 5 hours).

You'll need it to beat The Unmentionable.

Remember to never mention IT.


Waldroop is a titan that requires some technique to beat. Ok, it's Walderp or aka Waldo.

You must beat him 4 times before he reveals his final form. His first 4 forms do not drop loot, and each form is harder than the previous one. However, the techniques for beating each Walderp form are the same.

Walderp has a special ability, which makes him basically impossible to idle. (You'll end up being able to autokill him before idling him.) He will say either "Walderp says [command]", or just "[command]", where [command] is an attack (one of the first row of actions). In the former case, your next move must be whatever [command] is, and must be done quickly. In the latter case, your next move must NOT be what [command] is, and must be done quickly. Failure to do so will result in his activating an attack that is not survivable (at least before you are able to autokill him).

He will first use this ability after his first attack. Afterwards, he will use this ability after every 5 of his attacks. You must use the battle log to see this. At the start of the battle, the player can start by using his aura skills, according to the aura rotation as noted above. If possible, he should renew his auras whenever needed.

In general, the player can get 3 moves in between every one of his moves. However, in when he is about to use his special "Walderp says...", it's best to only use 2 moves to be safe. In general, the player should only use normal attacks. It is possible to use special attacks right after completing a "Walderp says", as the player's cooldown will be ready by the next "Walderp says".

So in short, the following needs to be done.

  1. Keep up the buffs.
  2. His first Walderp says comes after his first attack. You can get 2 moves in right after his first attack. This should be either normal attack or buff skills.
  3. Watch for his Walderp says. If it starts with "Walderp says...", do the attack. If not, do another attack.
  4. Now, if you want, use all your more powerful attacks, starting with ultimate, and working backwards. (This is not required)
  5. Keep using normal attacks, and count the number of Walderp's moves.
  6. After 5 of his moves, you get to make 2 more move, before his next Walderp says.
  7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until he is dead.

The first 4 times Walderp is dead, he will "hide in the menus. However, he does not seem to show up straight away. Wait for 10 minutes, then go through all the menu and pages, one by one, until you find him. He looks like Waldo, from "Where's Waldo". He is about 4 centimeter tall. Click on him.

Places where you might find him: Basic Training, Sellout Shop, Tooltip Log and START FINDING HIM YOURSELF!

After you do this 4 times, you'll be able to screw Final Form Walderp, and he will begin to drop loot.

To The Badly Drawn World

Before farming Badly Drawn World, the player should consider having at least 1000 levels in NGU drop rate, and awesome Neckbeards. The player does not need to max out his BDW set. At this stage, for idling, the player should still focus on energy, and use the Candy Cane of Destiny. The player should still use Wanderer's hat for idling as well, as that gives more energy to improve NGU Adventure and NGU Drop Chance. The Gun from here is a good tool for laser sword challenges.

Boring-Ass Earth

Like BDW, it is very hard to idle Boring-Ass Earth. The player will roughly need 450m power to idle it.

The player will need substantial NGU Adventure and a lot of Advanced Training. On the other hand, the player does not need a maxed set of BDW gear.

The Beast

Before farming the Beast, the player should definitely have high NGU Drop Chance level. At this point in the game, drop chance is highly important.

The player will need to have a lot of boosts. The player should max out Boosted Boosts I from ITOPOD. Furthermore, the player should get Quicker Power Fruit Activation Beta, and do No Rebirth challenges as many times as possible.

If possible, the player should also complete basic challenges. With enough AP, the player should get a Red Heart and a Blue Heart.

The player does not need to have fully maxed Boring-Ass Earth gear to farm The Beast. However, the player will have to farm the beast manually for a long time. It's probably easier to farm Beast gear than to max out Boring-Ass Earth gear.

The player should consider using Ring of Might for the first Beast Kill. Otherwise, the player will need far higher stats.

Quests and Quirks

After killing The Beast for the first time and CTRL+Clicking the Titan's guaranteed drop, Heroic Sigil, the player will unlock Quests, their unique reward Quest Points, and the Quirks to buy with those Quest Points. These are effectively 'fetch quests' as seen in many RPGs; in this case, the player has to start a Quest in the Questing tab, and see which zone they have to go to, then go there and farm for the quest item. For more explanation, see the WTF page on Questing in the game itself. (If you're not there yet, you don't really need to know this yet anyway!)

(NOTE: When it is said that 'you get double quest rewards for not using idle mode', this doesn't mean idling in the zone itself, it means getting items through the Idle Questing mode, which is enabled and disabled in the Questing tab itself.)

There are two things you may want to do initially. You start with 3 major quests, so a common strategy is to do all 3 right after the first Beast kill, which should take a few hours (time enough for the Beast to respawn or at least get close to respawning), then buy 'Baby's First Quirk: Adventure', which gives a +25% multiplicative boost to Power and Toughness, which can make the second Beast kill much easier if you struggled to get the first. However, if you had enough stats to easily kill the Beast, it is probably better overall to start a Quest, go to that area, then merge the quest item you get up to level 100 for +2% QP rewards per maxed quest item, and repeat this for the first quest you get in every zone.

Whichever of the two above paths you take, your first few Quirks should always be the Baby's First Quirks, which altogether act as a +10% bonus to all Energy/Magic stats (Power/Cap/Bars), as well as the +25% Adventure stat bonus mentioned earlier. After this, there are still many useful Quirks. Generally, The Beast's Seed is a top priority (+25% seeds for a total of 875 QP), as well as Beasted Boosts I, 'GOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLD!' (gives +10% Gold drops per level), and Generic Energy/Magic Quirks.

Banks, The Beast's Fertilizer, the Macguffin Slot, and Rich Quirks are not worth it at this point.

Thus, a recommended sequence of quirks to get would be:

  1. Baby's First Quirk: Adventure
  2. All the other Baby's First Quirk
  3. Generic Energy/Magic Power/Cap I (possibly bars)
  4. The Beast's Seed
  5. Beasted Boost I
  6. Beards if you need it
  7. GOLD!
  8. Possibly a few levels in Wandoo
  9. Save up for The Beast NGU perk ever.

Farming Past The Beast

The player should attempt to max out The Beast gear. Afterwards, the player should complete all his Laser Sword Challenges. The player might have to do 20-30 min rebirths for this.

With this done, the player should spend some time farming the energy NGUs that help with Challenges. When ready, the player should finish their challenges. All challenges except for 24 hour challenges, and No TM challenges should be completed. The player should also do 5 No TM challenge for an extra digger slot. The player should also have bought half Auto-Boost/Auto-Merge speed with AP.

The Basic Challenge helps with Boost. The 100 level challenge will allow the player to use auto-transform. Since special boosts are required the most, the player should auto-transform things into special boost when items need them. Troll challenge 7 unlocks Golden Beard, which should be turned on whenever possible.

The player should get Improved Cube Boosting, and Boosted boost II. When the player gets up to ITOPOD 400, the player's Cube will begin to improve very fast.

At some point, the player should max out BAE gear, and farm for Stealthiest chest. The Stealthiest chest will be the chest piece of choice, as it gives NGU speed.

The player should now slowly work up the Beast versions. Normal difficulty Beast will drop 2 very important items. Furthermore, the player should now get all the yggdrasil perks. With these perks (especially the Fruit of Knowledge perks), and a level 24 Fruit of Knowledge, your exp gain from Fruit will quickly become the most important source of exp.

At this point, Magic becomes far more important than energy. A lot of energy should be put into NGU magic NGU. Furthermore, your exp should be put into magic. When you are doing 24 hour rebirths, you should begin buying and using energy and magic potions. Hopefully, your blue heart is maxed. Not only will this help with the potions, it will also help with Poop.

Your magic should be spent into NGU yggdrasil, and NGU exp equally, and NGU energy NGU at a roughly 1/2 of the other 2. You should also soon be capping out your second highest, or all of your blood magics.

Your exp gain should increase explosively. Put all your exp into magic. Your magic should be at least half of your energy at this point, and you should continue to increase it to 3/4 or more of energy.

Energy is still important for drop rate and Adventure NGU. Getting to Beast version 3 will give A Priceless Van Gogh Painting, which greatly helps with gold drop, and will give Apple, which gives a buff to both ygg harvest and seed.

Chocolate World and Beast V4

With enough drop rate (as long as you roughly have 0.8-1% drop rate from normal mobs, and near 2% from boss) and adventure stats, the player should farm Chocolate world. This is also the time to spend some more exp on energy, as chocolate world gear mainly boosts exp. Obviously, when farming Chocolate world, the player should be using drop rate gear, and not using potions.

After farming chocolate World, the player should quickly go up to ITOPOD 450. This will give 1k Boosts. Beast Version 4 whenever possible, preferably with drop rate gear. The player might need to get some more NGU adventure Beta (magic NGU). This will give A Power Pill, and A Small Gerbil. Both of which should be used. If the player is still using Respawn Rate items, the player should take them off and use the 2 above accessories when farming NGU.

With these 2 accessories and potion Beta, the player should be able to speed cap NGU yggdrasil, and NGU exp. The rest should be spent into NGU energy NGU. The player should now spend more exp into magic again. Similarly, for energy, the player should be able to cap NGU adventure Alpha, as well as get a lot of NGU drop chance. A lot of energy should also be spent on NGU magic NGU. Finally, the top 6 NGUs can probably be maxed easily.



The player should get into evil at some point between 50M to 100M exp. (Discord #evil-titan8v1 approved numbers) However, the player should do some preparations beforehand.

First of all, the player should have nearly all of his challenges complete. The exceptions are the 24 hour challenges, and the last 5 No Time Machine challenges. The player, at this point, should take some effort to complete as many 24 Hour Challenges as is practical. Hopefully, this will give enough APs to make some decent purchase.

In ITOPODs, the player should have gotten the first 3 Fibonacci perk levels. Furthermore, the player should have gotten "Quicker Fruit of Power Beta activation", and "Quicker Fruit of Numbers Beta Activation".

Finally, the player need to buy at least 1 million of each "Stats for Rich Jerks".

To push into evil, the player needs to reach Boss 301. This will take quite a few rebirths, so prepare ahead of time.

Into Evil

When the player has finally gotten into evil, the player should quickly push. Depending on much exp the player has, he should push to either evilverse, or to Pretty Princess, which are at zone 58 and 100 respectively. If the player is really prepared, he should push to zone 125, which will allow him to fight the Greasy Nerd. To push, the player should do 30 mins runs, which will allow both Fruit of Power Beta and Fruit of Numbers Beta to activate.

Now, when the player has settled, he should once again use potions. He should go to NGU, and do a few hours of evil NGU, and then switch back to normal. For subsequent runs, the player should do normal NGUs, and use potions until he can cap all the normal NGUs.

Progressing in Evil at first will be a slightly different experience. Most importantly, the player will be limited by bosses, instead of adventure zones. The player need to strive for a balance between farming for new items, and spending time in ITOPOD.

ITOPOD perks are extremely important, especially the ones that increase energy and magic power/cap/bar. The player's first priority is to max those out, followed by the Evil NGU perks. Between upgrading tier 2 and tier 3, the player should get a few Fibonacci perks. Iron Pill Also Sucks 1/5 is a great perk to get early on as well, as it allows your Iron Pill to give you comparable stats from pre-evil with the reduced blood magic speed.

Depending on the player's progress, he should consider completing the Pretty Pink Princess set, which will give 10% more perk progress. Otherwise, the player can just skip directly to Nerd gear, and only coming back to maxing out Evil set and pink princess set when they have a boss drop rate of about 8% or more. Of note, the pretty pink princess accessory is good, as it will give 340% NGU speed when maxed, as well as An Ordinary Calculator from the Greasy Nerd, which gives 600% NGU speed when maxed, as well as R3 Power for when you start to invest into it more. Both are good replacements for earlier NGU Speed accessories that you may still be wearing from Normal like Dorky Glasses.


Initially, you won't have much Resource 3 to work with, and it is certainly not worth investing EXP this early into Evil upon it, except possibly some Speed to fasten the generation of it while on your daily rebirths. Hacks are similar to NGUs in that they give permanent bonuses after investing Resource 3 into it.

Unlike NGUs, Hacks don't have diminishing returns, but rather increasing gains - whilst decreasing levelling speeds exponentially. Hacks have a system of "milestones", of which where gaining a certain amount of levels will grant you a secondary multiplier to your bonus - therefore, it is preferable for the player to set specific target levels to obtain a stacking bonus.

Upon unlocking Hacks, you should attempt to gain a couple of levels into A/D Hack to get reaching to Greasy Nerd quicker until you are able to unlock the Titan prerequisite requirement of Boss 125 before it spawns optimally without having to resort to eating your Fruit Of Power A early.

After being able to reliably kill Greasy Nerd within the spawn timer, you can focus on levelling up Adventure Hack primarily for the extra boost to adventure stats until you max out the Incriminating Evidence, effectively noncoupling (multiplying by nine) with the 3x multiplier to both your initial Power and Cap. After having a substantial amount of Resource 3 from the set completion bonus, the player can level up most of the first page hacks at a decent pace (perhaps ignoring Blood Hack, which is better off just investing more EXP into Magic), of which they should focus on obtaining each milestone for the first page in order to get some general boosts to their levelling speeds for certain features which will help alleviate the speed decrease multiplier upon entering Evil.

The second page shouldn't be used much, as they'll level too slow without spending EXP into Resource 3 - which isn't a priority of the player at this moment until Wishes are unlocked. As such, once you gain the basic milestones of the first page, they should keep on levelling Adventure Hack until they breach the border between Greasy Nerd V3 to Godmother, whilst levelling up their Generic E/M 2 perks as they farm in the ITOPOD.


Also new. I would highly recommend changing the order from "default" to "speed". Wish 0 is obviously the first wish to get. Wish 1 is recommended as the second.

For a new player, the recommended order is

  1. Wish 0 (I wish that wishes kicked ass.)
  2. Faster Wishes (Wish 1)
  3. Energy/magic power/cap (and bars if you still need them)
  4. Adventure
  5. Resource 3 power/cap (maybe bars).
  6. Faster Wish 2
  7. Energy/magic power/cap 2

For an old player with a significant amount of exp, but who only just got wishes after the update

  1. Wish 0
  2. Faster wishes can be skipped if your wishes are already at minimum time with minimum investment
  3. Energy/magic may be skipped if your evil NGUs are maxed.
  4. Adventure
  5. Resource 3/Hack
  6. Energy/magic power/cap 2

After Godmother

After beating Godmother, quickly progressing adventures is not a priority. Notably, Typo Zonw items do not have very good Special Bonuses. Farm ITOPOD for both perks and for boosts for infinite cube. Once you get The Beast NGU perk ever, start farming evil NGU, with the help of potions. After getting all the relevant and relatively cheap energy/magic/res3 perks, get adventure perks. During this time, it is fine to get any other perks with relatively few levels.

Go through your exp shop, buy the cheap things.

When you are able to jump to The Fad-Lands items, it's definitely time to start adventuring again. When you get Fad-Land items, you should be able to max out evil NGUs with potions. Before this point, spend most of your exp on magic and energy.

At some point after Godmother, the player should farm more challenges. Finish up all the challenges in normal difficulty for AP. Afterwards, start farming evil challenges that give good rewards.

In terms of AP spending, buy the hearts, accessory slots, at least 10 digger slots, all beard slots, faster wishes, faster questing, and a few MacGuffin slots.

After maxing out evil NGU, it's time to bring res3 back into line. Start spending exp on it.


Nomenclature and Acronyms

For a table of common Acronyms/Nomenclatures see Glossary. These are used in chat, and possibly in this guide/throughout the wiki.

Ratio Talk

The optimal ratio of many things can be found via optimization problems.

In general, if the utility is equal to the product of a and b, then you want to spend the same amount of resources in both a and b. If the utility is the product of a^m and b^n, you want to spend the resources in a ratio of n:m.

Cap and Power and Bars

Most energy and magic things, such as augmentation, time machine, and NGU use the product of energy power and energy cap. As such, for these things alone, the same amount of exp should be spent on helping boost energy cap and energy power. However, because one needs energy bars to boost energy cap, one needs to include the price of energy bars into the calculation of energy cap.

It should be noted that because the ratio of costs between power, cap, and bars are the same for both magic and energy, the optimal ratio for individual aspects are the same. However, because certain things are more important for one or the other, the final ratio should not be.


The optimal ratio of beards is the easiest to calculate. Since the speed of beards is equal to power^(1/2) times bars, you want to spend double the exp in bars compared to power. In short, the optimal ratio would be 1:0:3.75.


A significant number of things in the game works base off power times cap. Energy bar in this case is only to make it faster to get to cap. These things include augmentation, time machine, blood magic, and NGU. You want to spend the same amount of exp between two groups. The first group is just power. The second group is cap + bar.

Under the assumption you only care about these basic things, we can calculate the optimal ratio. However, this is significantly harder than for beards.

The first thing to consider is the ratio between bar and cap. Early game, when you are doing really quick 30 minute runs, you might want something like 1 bar every 20k cap. If you add together the cost of 1 bar, 20 cap, you get 160 exp, which is the cost of 1.0667 power. Thus, the optimal ratio would then be 1.0667:20k:1. For simplicity, we can simply go with 1:20k:1.

Perhaps the player would like to have 1 bar every 40k cap instead. In that case, The total cost of 1 bar and 40k cap would be 240 exp. That would give 1.6 energy power. Thus, the optimal ratio is 1.6:40k:1, or 1:25k:0.625.

Later in the game, when the player is doing 24 hour rebirths, and when the player gets significantly better equipment (which boosts bars 10 times as much as they boost cap), the ratio of bars to cap can be significantly decreased. 35k cap and 0.125 bar costs the same together as 1 power. Thus, should the player only care for the basic things, perhaps a ratio of 1:35k:0.125. It should be noted that if equipment multiply bars by 10 times as much as they multiply cap, it would take roughly 9 minutes to fill up the cap with this ratio.

An extreme case should be considered. Should bars be so insignificant such that their cost can be ignored, 37.5k energy cap cost the same as a power. As such, the optimal ratio would be 1:37.5k:0.

Advanced training

Just like for basic things, bars as useless for advanced training, except to increase the cap. As such, bars need to be included in the cost for cap.

For advanced training, the utility is equal to the square root of power times cap. As such, the player should spend twice as much in advancing cap as in power. Thus, for every energy power which cost 150 exp, the player should spend 300 exp in cap and bars.

Advanced training are not available until 25 mins into a rebirth. This can be reduced to 12.5 mins with a perk. As such, it is meaningless to fill up cap before 25 mins (or 12.5 mins). In short, bars are significantly less valuable. As noted above, a ratio of 35k:0.125 of cap and bars will fill up in roughly 9 mins with good equipment. For advanced training, this would convert to a ratio of 1:70k:0.25.

In truth, the cost of bars required for advanced training isn't too significant, Should we completely ignore bars, the optimal ratio is 1:75k:0.


Energy power has no effect at all for Wandoo. As such, the player just has to worry about the ratio between bars and cap. In the extreme case where bars are insignificant, all exp can be spent on cap.

Summary and Conclusion and Overall Ratio

For energy, there are multiple reasonable ratios. When the player has gotten beards, and is doing 24 hour runs, what the player wants to do will determine the optimal ratio. I personally prefer 1:35k:0.75, but 1:40k:1 is much easier to use. If the player values beards less, something like 1:35k:0.5 will also work.

For magic, beards are less useful than NGU. As such, something like 1:35k:0.5 is probably best.

These ratios are still a work in progress.

More info and maths
For those who like to optimize, one should consider that the reason for the previous ratio is that for many things, the utility of energy is equal to energy bar times energy cap. The player should remember that investment into energy bar is actually part of the investment into energy cap. To find the optimal ratio, the player should first find out the optimal ratio between energy cap and energy bars. Once the player has done that, the player should add the cost of buying energy cap and energy bars together, to find out the actual cost of buying energy cap. The player should then equalize the amount of exp spent in energy power and this actual cost.

As an example, if the player finds that it is best to have 1 energy bar per 40k energy cap, then the cost of 10k energy cap needs to be added to the cost of 1/4 energy bar. This would mean that for every 10k energy cap, the player would spend 40 on the energy cap and 20 on the energy bar. This comes to an actual cost of 60 exp. 1 Energy power is 150 energy, and thus would be equal to 2.5 times this actual cost. As such, whenever the player spends 150 exp on 1 energy power, he should also spend 150 energy on energy cap + energy bar, resulting in a ratio of 1:25k:0.6.

Energy and Magic

The ideal ratio of energy and magic depends on the stage of the game. Mathematically, if we assume that the utility is equal to the product of energy and magic, then we should spend equal experience in each. Since magic is 3 times as expensive as energy, our energy levels should be 3 times that of magic.

Thus, a ratio of 3 energy to 1 magic is our baseline ratio. However, in truth, the utility is not equal to the product of energy and magic. In the early games, magic is not particularly useful. As such, the player can even have a ratio as high as 10:1. Later, after killing Beast, and when Fruit of Knowledge becomes extremely important, magic becomes much more important than energy, and the player can go to a ratio as low as 1:0.75, or even 1:1. This is also true later in the game, when the player no longer needs more energy, and when magic is far more important.

However, without other considerations, the player should default to a ratio of 3:1.


The ratio between augmentation and their upgrade is easy to calculate. We first note that the total power of an augmentation is proportional to the product between the augmentation level taken to a certain power p, and the upgrade level squared. As such, the optimal ratio of energy spent between augmentation and its upgrade is equal to p:2. The power, p, depends on which augmentation it is, and depends on the Laser Sword Challenge.


NGU ygg vs NGU exp

NGU ygg has a diminishing return of level^0.33, while NGU exp has a diminishing return of level^0.4. That means, to optimize exp gain from fruit of knowledge, one should have a ratio of 0.33:0.4 in ygg and exp respectively. That said, the actual ratio for the player depends on how much they value the other aspect of yggdrasil, and how much exp the player gets from other sources. If the former is high, while the latter is low, a simply ratio of 1:1 will suffice. In the opposite scenario, the player can consider 1:1.5, or 1:2.

Note that this only works until the player has maxed NGU Yggdrasil or NGU Exp.

evil NGU ygg vs NGU exp

The ratio for evil is different. NGU ygg has a diminishing return of level^0.2, while NGU exp has a return of level^0.1. This means the optimal ratio is 2:1.


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