What is the Money Pit? Edit

  • Simply put, it is a place to discard all of your excess gold in return for the chance at special rewards as a result!

Why should I care about the Money Pit? Edit

  • Throwing gold into the Money Pit has the possibility to reward you even with things such as... leveling up your equipped adventure gear (among other things)!

How do I use the Money Pit? Edit

  • Up to once per hour you may throw your gold into the pit. It should also be noted that there is a varying cooldown dictating how frequently you may throw gold into the pit.
  • The initial cooldown for feeding the Money Pit is 60 minutes, and increases by another 60 minutes every time you feed it, so 1 hour, then 2, then 3... The cooldown gets reset back to 1 hour upon rebirth, and your "time since last pit feeding" is kept, so it will ask for being fed gold again if you didn't feed it already in the last hour, regardless.
  • Thus, the most effective usage is to throw your gold in before you rebirth.

How does it choose my reward? Edit

Your save file contains your MONEY PIT REWARD INDEX, a hidden number that's not accessible.

When you feed the pit, the following happens:

  1. The game accesses a MONEY PIT REWARD LIST based on your REWARD INDEX.
  2. The game checks how much gold was thrown in and assigns you a REWARD TIER.
  3. The game gives you the reward for that tier in the current MONEY PIT REWARD LIST.
  4. The game changes your REWARD INDEX number.

You cannot change your REWARD LIST by any usual means other than feeding the pit; you can only change which reward you get from the current list, by reloading your save and changing TIER.

An incomplete register of MONEY PIT REWARD LISTS is available in this Spreadsheet.

Build 0.401-3 Pit Reward Tiers Edit





0 0 None None None None None None None None
1 1e5


+1 Boost 1 +10 +0.1 None +1 None None
2 1e7


+2 Boost 2 +20 +0.2 1 Equip +2 None None
3 1e9


+5 Boost 5 +50 +0.5 1 Equip +3 None None
4 1e11


+10 Boost 10 +75 +1 2 Equip +5 None None
5 1e13


+20 +5 Cube P/T +100 +2 All Equip OR Daycare +10 None +10
6 1e15


+50 +10 Cube P/T +150 +3 All Equip OR Daycare +25 +1 LVL +25
7 1e18


+100 +20 Cube P/T +300 +5 All Equip OR Daycare +75 +1 LVL +100
8 1e21


+150 +50 Cube P/T +450 +6 All Equip OR Daycare +200 +1 LVL +200
9 1e24 (1Sep) +200 +100 Cube P/T +600 +7 All Equip OR Daycare +300 +2 LVL +300
10 1e27


+250 +150 Cube P/T +750 +8 All Equip OR Daycare +400 +2 LVLs +500
11 1e30


+300 +200 Cube P/T +900 +9 All Equip OR Daycare +500 +3 LVLs +700
One-time Bonuses
Minimum Gold ($) Reported Bonus
1M Adventure: +10 Power, +10 Toughness, +100 Max Health, +1 Health Regen
1B +1 Energy Bar, +1 Magic Bar, Looty McLootFace (Equipment)
100B +100 EXP
1T +100 EXP

*Needs confirmation