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As you deliver the final blow to Walderp, dazzling rays of light erupt from his mouth! He explodes violently, shooting millions of small fragments from inside him throughout the universe! A nearby physicist does some frantic napkin math to see if this was even possible. It wasn't. But there's good news! You just unlocked MACGUFFINS! Search through all the zones in adventure to find these powerful artifacts, and equip them in the inventory menu!
198 - Energy Power MacGuffin Fragment.png

MacGuffin Fragments are unique items that provide powerful permanent bonuses every time the player rebirths. This feature is unlocked after defeating WALDERP's final form for the first time. Once unlocked, a "MacGuffin Fragments" button will appear in the inventory, below the Daycare button. 

There are 22 different kinds of fragments and 22 fragment slots.

How to Obtain & Improve[]

To begin with, the player can get one MacGuffin Fragment per 1000 kills from a specific Adventure Zone, while saving up to purchase perks to improve the feature: 

  • MacGuffin ITOPOD Drops! : Makes fragments also drop in the ITOPOD at a drop a rate of one per ITOPOD 5000 kills. Cost: 50 PP
  • Improved MacGuffin ITOPOD Drops 1, 2 & 3 : Reduces the number of kills up to 55% (multiplicative reductions of 20%, 25% and 25% for a total of 0.8x0.75x0.75=.45) Cost: 150, 500, 2500 PP 
  • Improved MacGuffin Drops I : Improve the base level of drops by 1. This also means that all MacGuffin drops now benefit from the Loot Goblin's Blessing perk and the Gaudy set bonus. Costs 150 PP
  • I wish MacGuffin drops mattered : Increase the level of all MacGuffin drops by 1 per level. (totally 5 level)
  • My Purple Heart : Reduces the time it takes to obtain MacGuffins from any source by 20%. Purchasable in the Sellout Shop for 225,000 AP.
  • Chocolate set bonus: Reduces the time it takes to obtain MacGuffins outside the ITOPOD by 10%.
  • Greasy Nerd set bonus: All MacGuffins drop 1 level higher.
  • MacGuffin Muffin (Temporary boost):  Doubles the bonus you get from MacGuffins when you rebirth for 24 hours. Applies for at least one rebirth, even if it's past 24 hours. Purchasable in the Sellout Shop for 50,000 AP.

Leveling Up[]

  • MacGuffin Fragments can be infinitely leveled, meaning you can continue to merge them together beyond the typical level cap of 100.
  • The automerge takes effect on equipped MacGuffin Fragments.
  • MacGuffin Fragments cannot be leveled up by Daycare until the "MacGuffin Daycare!" Perk is purchased from the ITOPOD and then they gain 1 level every two hours (without daycare bonuses).
  • Equipped MacGuffin Fragments can be leveled up by eating Fruit of MacGuffin α and Fruit of MacGuffin β.
  • Equipped MacGuffin Fragments can be leveled up by casting Blood Macguffin α and Blood Macguffin β.

Kill Counter[]

The Zone Kill Counter for the current zone will be visible by hovering over the Adventure Zone name at the top of the page. Once it reaches the required kills, the fragment for that particular zone will drop and the counter will reset. Zone Kill Counters are reset whenever the player leaves the current adventure zone. The only exception is the ITOPOD, where the Zone Kill Counter will always continue the same even if the player changes floor or leaves the ITOPOD.

ITOPOD kill counter.png

Minimum kills required per MacGuffin Fragment with all bonuses:

  • Adventure zone: 720
  • ITOPOD: 1,800

The Fragments & Drop Locations[]

# Image Name Area Unlock Requirements[1]/Notes
0 Any MacGuffin, randomly [2] I.T.O.P.O.D Upon acquiring the Perk "MacGuffin ITOPOD Drops!"
1 198
198 - Energy Power MacGuffin Fragment.png
Energy Power MacGuffin Fragment Sewers
2 200
200 - Magic Power MacGuffin Fragment.png
Magic Power MacGuffin Fragment Forest
3 199
199 - Energy Cap MacGuffin Fragment.png
Energy Cap MacGuffin Fragment Cave of Many Things
4 201
201 - Magic Cap MacGuffin Fragment.png
Magic Cap MacGuffin Fragment The Sky
5 202
202 - Energy NGU MacGuffin Fragment.png
Energy NGU MacGuffin Fragment High Security Base
6 203
203 - Magic NGU MacGuffin Fragment.png
Magic NGU MacGuffin Fragment Clock Dimension
7 204
204 - Energy Bar MacGuffin Fragment.png
Energy Bar MacGuffin Fragment The 2D Universe
8 205
205 - Magic Bar MacGuffin Fragment.png
Magic Bar MacGuffin Fragment Ancient Battlefield
9 206
206 - Energy Beard MacGuffin Fragment.png
SEXY MacGuffin Fragment A Very Strange Place Does nothing, save for unlocking a player portrait if SEXY MacGuffin bonuses reach 250%.

Formerly "Energy Beard" MacGuffin.

10 207
207 - Magic Beard MacGuffin Fragment.png
SMART MacGuffin Fragment Mega Lands Does nothing, save for unlocking a player portrait if SMART MacGuffin bonuses reach 250%.

Formerly "Magic Beard" MacGuffin.

11 208
208 - Drop Chance MacGuffin Fragment.png
Drop Chance MacGuffin Fragment The Beardverse
12 209
209 - Golden MacGuffin Fragment.png
Golden MacGuffin Fragment Badly Drawn World
13 210
210 - Augment MacGuffin Fragment.png
Augment MacGuffin Fragment Boring-Ass Earth
14 228
228 - Stat MacGuffin Fragment.png
Stat MacGuffin Fragment Chocolate World Increases Attack and Defense. Must complete the Chocolate World Set , items 221 - 225 (bar bars not included) leveled to 100.
15 211
221 - Energy Wandoos MacGuffin Fragment.png
Energy Wandoos MacGuffin Fragment The Evilverse
16 250
250 - Magic Wandoos MacGuffin Fragment.png
Magic Wandoos MacGuffin Fragment Pretty Pink Princess Land
17 291
291 - Adventure MacGuffin Fragment.png
Adventure MacGuffin Fragment Greasy Nerd (Easy Difficulty) The Greasy Nerd always drops this MacGuffin and another random one. Once the titan has been defeated, this MacGuffin will also drop in the ITOPOD.
18 289
289 - NUMBER MacGuffin Fragment.png
Number MacGuffin Fragment Meta Land
19 290
290 - Blood MacGuffin Fragment.png
Blood MacGuffin Fragment Interdimensional Party
20 298
298 - Resource 3 Power MacGuffin Fragment.png
Resource 3 Power MacGuffin Fragment The Godmother (Easy Difficulty)
21 299
299 - Resource 3 Cap MacGuffin Fragment.png
Resource 3 Cap MacGuffin Fragment The Godmother (Normal Difficulty)
22 300
300 - Resource 3 Bar MacGuffin Fragment.png
Resource 3 Bar MacGuffin Fragment The Godmother (Hard Difficulty)
  1. All MacGuffin Fragments require Walderp's final form to be defeated. Additional requirements are listed below.
  2. Random drops, whether from the ITOPOD or otherwise, are chosen with equal probability from a list containing Energy and Magic Cap/Pow/Bars/NGU/SEXY/SMART and Drop MacGuffin Fragments, as well as any others that have already dropped from their normal zone or Titan.

MacGuffin Bonuses[]

MacGuffin Fragments grant permanent bonuses even when they aren't equipped. That permanent bonus is increased whenever the player rebirths with a MacGuffin Fragment equipped.

The amount of bonus added to the permanent bonus depends on the amount of time the player has spent before rebirthing.

  • Below 30 minutes, the ratio is:
  • After 30 minutes, the ratio is:
    reaching ~6.93 in a 24 hour rebirth. The ratio is capped at 20, reached at 200 hours of current Rebirth Time.
  • If the player completes the second Sadistic Troll challenge, after 24 hours, the ratio is instead:
    capped at 104.86, reached at ~170 hours of current Rebirth Time.

If a player is hoping to increase their permanent bonus as quickly as possible, 30 minute rebirths are the most efficient strategy (unless the second Sadistic Troll challenge is completed, in which case all rebirths between 30 minutes and 24 hours have a bonus of 2/hour).

Time Bonus Per hour
5 min 0.03 0.33
15 min 0.25 1.00
30 min 1 2
35 min 1.08 1.71
60 min 1.41 1.41
2 hours 2.00 1.00
4 hours 2.83 0.71
8 hours 4.00 0.50
12 hours 4.90 0.41
24 hours 6.93 0.29
200 hours 20 0.10

After completing the second Sadistic Troll challenge, the most efficient rebirths are any between 30 minutes and 24 hours. Note that MacGuffin Muffins can be double-dipped without giving up efficiency by popping one at the end of a 24hr rebirth and doing another slightly-under-24hr rebirth before it expires.

Time Bonus Per hour
5 min 0.03 0.33
15 min 0.25 1.00
30 min 1 2
60 min 2 2
24 hours 48 2
48 hours 63.34 1.32
72 hours 74.49 1.03
170 hours 104.86 0.62

Rebirth bonuses differ per MacGuffin type. For level L and time ratio T the bonuses are:

MacGuffin Bonus
Energy/Magic Power
Energy/Magic Cap/NGU/Bar/SEXY/SMART, Drop Chance, Adventure
Energy/Magic Wandoos
Resource 3 Power
Resource 3 Cap/Bar

MacGuffin Slots[]

MacGuffin Fragments grant permanent bonuses. However, in order to get this bonus, the fragment must be equipped when the player is rebirthing.

MacGuffin Slots can be found in the "MacGuffin Fragments" submenu in the Inventory. Players start with one slot unlocked, but 21 more can be acquired:

  • 2 in the "Misc" tab of the "Spend EXP" menu (one for 10 Million Exp, the other for 100 Million Exp)
  • 3 Perks from the ITOPOD Perks (250 PP for normal mode, 5000 PP and 40,000 PP for evil mode)
  • 11 in 4G's Sellout Shop (first two for 100,000 AP each, the rest for 225,000 AP each)
  • 2 from Quirks in Questing (one for 7500 QP , the other 20000 QP for evil mode)
  • 1 from the second completion of the Evil Troll Challenge.
  • 1 from the fifth and last completion of the Evil No Equipment Challenge.
  • 1 for completing the Edgy (set) from The Evilverse