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Not to be confused with Mark from Sales

Jake From Accounting is the third titan, and is unlocked by beating boss 82 (Mysterious Figure).


Jake will gradually lock most of your skills on a specific order, so you probably want to use Charge with Ultimate Attack at the beginning of the fight, before it gets locked. If you have the Hyper Regen skill, you can use it for healing, since your Heal skill will be disabled shortly into the fight.

Jake has a rapid frenzy attack (watch out for when he opens his mouth and releases locusts), so it's best to keep that in mind and use your block skill to greatly reduce the damage taken.

The most important stats for defeating Jake are likely Toughness and Health Regen, since he has massive health, not that much toughness and overall damage, and regen helps your Hyper Regen skill a lot

  • Recommended stats for beating Jake:
Mode Power Toughness
Manual 14,000~16,000 12,000~14,000
Idle 22,000~24,000 13,000~14,000
Auto-Kill 25,000 15,000
  • Example stats that can beat Jake:
    • Power: 15,000
    • Toughness: 12,000
    • HP: 250,000
    • HP Regen: 500/s
  • Titan skills:
    • Locusts (1/5 chance, at least 10 attacks apart) 10 rapid attacks at half damage, .15 seconds apart.
    • Power attack (2/5 chance) Attacks for 1.5x damage.
    • Shirt-flapping (Replaces every 20th attack, beginning on the first attack) Disables one of your skills until the end of the fight.
      • Disable order: Ultimate Attack -> Heal -> Piercing Attack -> Ultimate Buff -> Strong Attack -> Offensive Buff. Further shirt-flapping has no effect.


Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

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