You can smell the B.O already.

You got dabbed on.

Greasy Nerd became the 7th Titan with build .410, after unlocking the Titan (by defeating boss 125 (Chocolate Mouse) in evil mode) you will fight the Nerd's Mom, just like Skeleton Guardian for THE BEAST. However this time you will only get a pop-up (check Tooltip Log), and hopefully you've thought something was a little off about the occasional LORE textbox...

How to Unlock Edit

After fighting Nerd's Mom, and receiving the pop-up, Hovering over the adventure tab reveals that you need a 5 character code to unlock the titan to begin fighting them. To do this, you'll have to rebirth (any mode, any challenge presumably, although continuing to do a normal rebirth for your run is recommended), and play through READ THROUGH the story (aka LORE). What you are looking for are the single letters just sitting there, at the end of select bosses lore sections. These are present on story floors 25, 42, 63, 82, and 121 in their respective stories. You will notice the out of place character at the end of the story and need to simply press that letter on your keyboard to continue. You will see a pop up when you have typed the correct letter at the correct boss.

Fighting Edit

  • Recommended Stats to Defeat Titan:
EasyManual175.00 T (1.75E+14)100.00 T (1.00E+14)
Idle300.00 T (3.00E+14)200.00 T (2.00E+14)
NormalManual3.75 Qa (3.75E+15)2.00 Qa (2.00E+15)
Idle6.00 Qa (6.00E+15)4.00 Qa (4.00E+15)
HardManual80.00 Qa (8.00E+16)40.00 Qa (4.00E+16)
Idle120.00 Qa (1.20E+17)80.00 Qa (8.00E+16)
BrutalManual1.60 Qi (1.60E+18)800.00 Qa (8.00E+17)
Idle2.50 Qi (2.50E+18)1.50 Qi (1.50E+18)
  • Titan Skills:
    • Hack - (every 8th attack, starting with #7) Adds 8% of base damage to the Greasy Nerd's attacks. This move stacks, but every use of Ultimate Attack will reduce the number of stacks by 1.
    • Power Glove - (every 8th attack, starting with #3) Attacks for 1x damage, but the next attack is for 5x.

Loot Edit

Only cube root of loot chance bonus applies. For following items your base chance is $ \sqrt[3]{\dfrac{dropchance}{100}} $. Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

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