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At the bottom of the rebirth screen, there is a choice of Normal, Evil difficulty or Sadistic. In Evil difficulty, various features level slower and it is more difficult to climb bosses. In return, new features are unlocked, which can allow more and faster progress.

Unlocking requirements[]

Evil difficulty is unlocked upon satisfying all of the following requirements:

  • Reach Boss 301 aka beat boss 300
  • Attack Boost for Rich Jerks (EXP) * ITOPOD stat bonus (PP) ≥ 1M % (1e6 %)
    • For example, 100,000% rich jerks (299,700 EXP), 500% rich perks (40 PP), and the Newbie Stat Perk (1 PP) is sufficient.
  • The Beast v4 beaten (850 B Power and 650 B Toughness recommended)

Once unlocked, there is a choice of rebirthing into normal or evil difficulty. A rebirth that changes the difficulty is similar to starting a challenge - number and all last rebirth number factors are reset to 1, and banked levels are lost.

Recommended stats[]

  • All normal challenges (except 24 hour and last 5 noTM challenges) completed.
  • All drops from normal zones and titans maxed. Can skip bar bars from Chocolate World and Beast v4 drops (though these may be completed), since you can easily continue maxing them in Evil.
  • Be able to manual Evilverse: power / toughness ≥ 10T / 6T (1e13 / 6e12).
  • Base EM power * cap ≥ 40T (4e13).
    • For example, using a 1.6: 40k: 1 ratio, a pow/cap/bars of 40k / 1B / 25k is sufficient. This amount of EM would cost a total of 48M exp.
  • Gold Diggers: total digger levels bonus ≥ 130%, or equivalently (assuming No TM Challenge 1 completed), total digger levels ≥ 500.
  • NGUs: be able to speed-cap the first 6 normal energy NGUs and the first 3 normal magic NGUs.
  • Perks: All of first 3 rows (except Rich Perks 1, 5 o'clock shadow, and Bonus Boss EXP), as well as First Harvest, Fibonacci 1, Adv Training banks 1-3 and Temp Beard banks 1-3 completed.
    • Note: PP gain is higher in Evil, so it is not necessary to remain in Normal solely to get perks. However, both early fruit activations are very useful and should be obtained before Evil.
  • Quirks: All of Baby's First quirks, gold quirk and The Beast's Seed completed.
  • 5 beard slots


Fight boss and number[]

  • Fight boss attack defense divided by 1 nonillion (1e30).
  • Rebirth number bonus is based on 1.5^[boss beaten] instead of 2^[boss beaten].

Drop chance[]

Only cube root of drop chance applies for zones and titans unlocked in evil difficulty. Be aware that the game internally uses 0-1 based probability, so the formula in percents is:


  • ITOPOD base pp progress is (700 + floor) instead of (200 + floor).
  • Zones from Evilverse onwards are unlockable by beating their corresponding boss in evil. Normal zones remain unlocked at all times.
  • Evil perks and quirks become available for purchase. Some evil perks and quirks remain active in normal difficulty, while others are only active in evil.

Features level slower[]

Augmentations, Time Machine, and Blood Magic have a uniform slowdown:

Feature Speed divider
Augmentations 2.5 trillion (2.5e12)
Time Machine 1 trillion (1e12)
Blood Magic 1 billion (1e9)

For Wandoos, in addition to a slowdown, the gap between Operating Systems is 1M (1e6) instead of 1000.

Wandoos OS Speed divider E/M to speed-cap (no bonuses)
98 1 trillion (1e12) 1 sextillion (1e21)
MEH 1 quadrillion (1e15) 1 octillion (1e27)
XL 1 quintillion (1e18) 1 decillion (1e33)

Evil NGUs unlocked[]

In evil difficulty, there is a choice between levelling normal NGUs or levelling evil NGUs. Energy / Magic can only be allocated to normal or evil NGUs, not both simultaneously.

Both the effects and gaining levels in evil NGUs aren't available in normal difficulty.

The Quirk The Beast NGU Quirk Ever grants 1 normal NGU level for every level gained in the corresponding evil NGU.

In addition to being slower, evil NGUs have smaller bonuses and harsher diminishing returns. But they are another multiplicative bonus.

Evil NGUs have different speed-ratios: each NGU is 10 times slower than the previous, except that NGU Augments, NGU Wandoos, and NGU Respawn have the same speed.

Both evil NGU Augments and evil NGU Yggdrasil are 1 billion (1e9) times slower than their normal counterpart.

Evil energy NGU
Speed divider Seconds to complete level 0 → 1 (with 1 power, 1 cap, no bonuses)
Augments 1 billion (1e9) 200 quintillion (2e20)
Wandoos 1 billion (1e9) 200 quintillion (2e20)
Respawn 1 billion (1e9) 200 quintillion (2e20)
Gold 10 billion (1e10) 2 sextillion (2e21)
Adventure α 100 billion (1e11) 20 sextillion (2e22)
Power α 1 trillion (1e12) 200 sextillion (2e23)
Drop chance 100 billion (1e11) 2 septillion (2e24)
Magic NGU 50 billion (5e10) 20 septillion (2e25)
PP 20 billion (2e10) 200 septillion (2e26)
Evil magic NGU
Speed divider Seconds to complete level 0 → 1 (with 1 power, 1 cap, no bonuses)
Yggdrasil 1 billion (1e9) 200 quintillion (2e20)
Exp 3.33 billion (3.33e9) 2 sextillion (2e21)
Power β 10 billion (1e10) 20 sextillion (2e22)
Number 33.3 billion (3.33e10) 200 sextillion (2e23)
Time Machine 40 billion (4e10) 2 septillion (2e24)
Energy NGU 40 billion (4e10) 20 septillion (2e25)
Adventure β 40 billion (4e10) 200 septillion (2e26)