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Energy is the first basic resource you get in the game.

You generate Energy every time the green bar at the top left fills up and until it reaches its cap, which at the start of the game is 500. This cap will increase by 1 energy every 20 energy you get, at every rebirth. The initial soft cap is 100,000 Energy, and when you reach it, it'll stop increasing. The only way to get it higher is by purchasing more in the Spend EXP menu.


Available Energy upgrades in the Spend EXP section:

Energy Description Price For 1
Speed Increases the rate at which you generate Energy points until you hit your cap. This should be the first thing you buy. Speed is capped at 50, meaning that you get up to 1 Energy per tick (50 per second), per bar.[1] You can also generate Energy faster by upgrading your number of Bars. 10 Exp
Power Increases the effect of each point of Energy put into a task (Time Machine, Blood Energy, NGUs, etc.). The output of each task is (points invested * power), with the exceptions of Basic Training and Wandoos (which are not affected by power) and Advanced Training (). Once you max out the number of points you can put into a task (its bar will be solid blue), you will still gain more effect from that task by having higher power.
Energy Power is limited to a maximum of 1.00E+18 (4.84E+18 when using potions).
150 Exp
Cap Increases the maximum quantity of Energy points you can invest in tasks. Your points are reset every time you rebirth, and will regenerate via your speed and bars until you hit your cap.
Energy Cap is limited to a maximum of 9.00E+18.
0.004 Exp
Bars Increases the rate at which you generate Energy until you hit your cap. Also used as part of the formula for Beards of Power. Energy Bars are limited to a maximum of 1.00E+18 (2.20E+18 when using an Energy Bar Bar). 80 Exp
  1. Almost everything in NGU operates on ticks. A tick is an update to the game's internal state and there are 50 ticks/updates per second. This means that the most a progress bar can gain is exactly 1 filling per tick, since there are 50 ticks per second, or 50 fills (or levels) per second.


Energy is a core element of this game. It is used for:

  • Basic Training: First available enhancement in the game, energy placed in Basic Training improves your overall attack and defense..
  • Augmentations: Energy can be used to get levels of Augmentations and their associated Upgrades up.
  • Time Machine: Level up the first factor of the Broken Time Machine, first speeding up the progress of the energy dump bar, and then when it is at maximum (50 levels/second), multiplying the GPS by the excess amount of levels gained.
  • Advanced Training: Used to level up all upgrades on the Advanced Training. Energy power affects it only by a Sqrt(Energy Power), meaning that increasing cap is way better to advance here.
  • Wandoos: Used on the Energy dump on Wandoos operating system. Energy power doesn't affect the speed on the Energy dump, so high Energy Cap is essential. Each level is worth 1%, with diminshing returns for Wandoos 98 and accelerating returns for Wandoos XL..
  • NGU: You can get a lot of permanent upgrades on the NGU using energy on the first page.
  • Yggdrasil: The majority of fruits can be grown using Idle energy, that will be removed from your idle reserves. You'll have to regenerate this spent Energy, unlike most other features.
  • Beards Of Power: Some beards are energy-based, and therefore can be leveled with energy. However, energy power affects it by square root, while energy bars become a multiplier.


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