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27 - Special Boost 1.png 15 - Toughness Boost 2.png 3 - Power Boost 5.png 18 - Toughness Boost 20.png 33 - Special Boost 100.png

Boosts are items that enable to empower your equipment and accessories to their best potential and increase your adventure stats. These boosts are dropped by enemies in the adventure zone and I.T.O.P.O.D when they are defeated.

Boost Types[]

There are three types of boosts:

  1. Power which is orange and also adds to Max Health 
  2. Toughness which is blue and also adds to Health Regen
  3. Specials which is yellow and can cover many features such as Energy & Magic Power, Bars and Cap, Drop Chance, NGU speedWandoos Speed ...etc. See builds specials or item categories for more.

There are 13 different strengths for each type: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1k, 2k, 5k and 10k. Each of them drop from specific adventure zones, these drop zones are indicated in the boost infoboxes of each type.

How To[]

  • Boost power example.png
    Hovering over an item will show the tooltip with the item's "actual stat" and its "maximum potential".
    Example: In the image on the right, you can see "Power: 198,900/200,600", where 198,900 is the actual stat and 200,600 the maximum potential. Hence, this item will need 1,700 power boosts to reach its maximum potential.
  • Each time an item levels-up, its maximum potential will go up and require to be boosted.
  • To boost, either drag the boost onto the item, or click+A to apply all non-protected boosts. For more, see Inventory shortcuts.
  • Once all your items have reached their full potential, you may find yourself with many unused boosts cluttering your inventory. Instead of putting them into the trash, leftover boosts can be dumped onto the infinity cube once it is unlocked.

Completion Bonus[]

Merging boosts will not make them stronger and there is no reason to do so apart to receive their completion bonus.

  • Each boost item will give you a completion bonus of +2% boosting effectiveness to all boost types.
  • All boost completion rewards are additive and combined will procure a total of +78% increase in Boost effectiveness (2%*3*13).  
  • Boosts drop in zones at level 0, but in the ITOPOD they drop at level 1 and can be affected by The Loot Goblin's Blessing and the Gaudy set bonus. This can make it quicker and easier to max boosts of a given strength. (See ITOPOD Boost drops.)

Boost power[]

The total value of a boost item is calculated as the product of the following factors:

  • Completion bonus, additive for each maxxed boost item (maximum of 1.78)
  • Boosted Boosts perks I, II, III, IV and V each one multiplicative with each other (maximum of 2.5, 2.2, 2.2, 1.5 and 1.5 respectively)
  • Beasted Boosts quirks I, II, III and IV, each one multiplicative with each other (maximum of 1.5, 2.2,1.5 and 1.25 respectively)
  • Factor of 1.2 if Badly Drawn set is completed
  • Factor of 1.2 if Construction set is completed

The effective quantity upon applying the boost item also depends on the boost recycling. With 100% boost recycling:

  • Boosts 2, 20, 200 and 2k have approximately a ~x1.94 multiplier
  • Boosts 5, 50, 500 and 5k have approximately a ~x1.77 multiplier
  • Boosts 10, 100, 1k and 10k have approximately a ~x1.88 multiplier

The total maximum boost power for each boost item:

Item Boost power
1 431.78
2 1,295.35
5 3,454.27
10 7,772.09
20 16,407.77
50 37,996.91
100 81,175.20
200 167,531.81
500 383,423.36
1k 815,206.41
2k 1,678,772.52
5k 3,837,687.80
10k 8,155,518.35

Boost Transformation[]

Boost Transformation is unlocked upon completing the 1st normal 100 Levels Challenge. This allows to transform any boost into a different type at the cost of reducing the boost by one tier (e.g. 5->2, 200->100, 1k->500) by clicking on the boost while holding the Q/W/E key. This also reduces the boost's level to 0.

Upon completing the final normal 100 Levels Challenge, boosts no longer drop a tier when transformed, and the auto transform setting for dropped boosts is unlocked. Auto Transform does not reset the boost level (ITOPOD drops), but manually transforming boosts still resets the level to 0.

Related Purchases[]

  • "Auto merge" boosts upgrade in the Spend EXP Adventure Special tab 
  • "Boost Recycling" upgrade in Spend EXP (Note: does not affect filtered boosts or offline boost progress)
  • "1/2 auto merge and boost timers" in 4G's Sellout Shop
  • "Filter Boosts into Infinity Cube" in 4G's Sellout Shop
  • "Boosted Boosts" Perks
  • "Improved Cube Boosting" Perk
  • "Beasted Boosts" Quirks
  • "I wish Infinity Cube Boosting wasn't so awful" in Wishes