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This page contains a detailed guide on how you can go about awakening The Beast. If you want to figure out all the clues by yourself, DON'T READ THIS!

Initial Area Unlock[]

First, you have to have beaten Boss 132 (Chocolate Salty Balls) to unlock The Beast titan fight area. This will pit you against a mob.

The Guardian drops A Crumpled Note, which will give you hints on how to awaken The Beast.

Hints to hints[]

If you cannot figure out how to awaken The Beast, but you do not want to spoil yourself completely, here are hints to hints:

  • Read A Crumpled Note. No, seriously. Try to guess.
  • There are exactly five things that you have to do in the correct order.
  • You can do the first four without rebirthing.
  • If you complete a clue correctly, its corresponding item will appear in your inventory. This lets you know that you finished the task successfully.
  • The four clues will give you four items that are the final hint for the last thing you need to do to awaken The Beast.

The Four Clues[]

These clues must be completed in order, from first to last. This means you can't get The Second Clue before The First Clue. Autokilling works for each of the titan-based clues, but you may want to disable the setting so you can get each of those done in the same hour.

  1. Defeat UUG, The Unmentionable while having a Level 69 Ring of Apathy equipped. This will reward you with The First Clue.
  2. Defeat Grand Corrupted Tree, while having A Stick in your weapon slot. This will reward you with The Second Clue.
  3. Defeat Jake from Accounting with Stapler equipped, and nothing else. This will reward you with The Third Clue.
  4. Remove ALL equipment (MacGuffins don't count) and fight all the way from Floor 0 to 101 in the ITOPOD. You will get The Final Clue! after killing an enemy on floor 100. Make sure to set start as floor 0 (not 1), and put 101 or higher as the ITOPOD max floor to avoid looping back to floor 0 before solving the clue. Don't enter the "Enter the ITOPOD" submenu again until you're done, because it's easy to unintentionally restart the run. This step takes about an hour.

Last Clue[]

Once you have completed all of these tasks, rebirth and then rebirth again after spending 43:19 (There's a little grace time, so between 43:05 and 43:35) in the rebirth, and you will awaken The Beast and be able to start murdering him repeatedly. Have fun! Many people mistakenly believe that 1:43:19 will count, or some other number of hours, but it won't.

Note: After solving the final clue and rebirthing at 43:19, you'll get the tooltip "YOU HAVE RELEASED THE POWER OF THE BEAST! TREMBLE IN FEAR AT YOUR OWN STUPIDITY!"