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4 friends team up to fight the ultimate asshole: You!

AMALGAMATE is the 12th Titan, unlocked by defeating boss #248 in SADISTIC difficulty.

Your first AMALGAMATE kill unlocks the 8th and final ingredient slot in Cooking. After 5 kills on a given difficulty, autokill is unlocked no matter what your stats are.


Recommended stats to defeat titan:

Mode Power Toughness
Easy 1.50 Dc (1.50E+33) 450.00 No (4.50E+32)
Normal 5.80 Dc (5.80E+33) 1.90 Dc (1.90E+33)
Hard 21.00 Dc (2.10E+34) 7.00 Dc (7.00E+33)
Brutal 41.00 Dc (4.10E+34) 12.50 Dc (1.25E+34)


Only cube root of loot chance bonus applies. For following items your base chance is . Item levels are base drop levels without challenge or set rewards.

AMALGAMATE also has a chance to drop one of four different pieces of THE END, one for each mode.

Fighting Amalgamate[]

Each version of Amalgamate is accompanied by beefed-up versions of prior titans. Easy is joined by Gordon Ramsay Bolton, normal adds Grand Corrupted Tree, hard adds Jake From Accounting, and Brutal adds UUG, The Unmentionable.

To defeat Amalgamate on Brutal, you must have a Ring of Apathy equipped, preferably at level 100, in order to be able to defeat UUG.

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